Spółka portfelowa

Navimed sp. z o.o.

NaviMed is a company that provides an advanced system supporting the processes of identification, registration and navigation (directing the patient to the designated room) taking place in health care facilities (both public and private). The system enables quick patient identification without the need to contact the reception and registration staff. It facilitates the patient’s movement within the medical building. By referring patients to an appointment without the need to contact the reception desk, the high risk of spreading infectious diseases is eliminated. Patients don’t gather in the waiting room and the time of patients and doctors is saved by optimizing the process of staying in a medical facility. The use of the system significantly reduces the operating costs of the facility due to the reduction of staff, maximum use of doctors’ working time and the occupancy of offices. It also prevents the possible costs of temporarily closing the facility for epidemiological reasons. NaviMed also gives the patient a sense of security during the visit and increases the level of security for the entire staff and all people in the building. The system is fully automatic and compatible with other applications. Its implementation means a significant improvement in the comfort of the patient’s visit and working conditions for the staff. There are real profits behind  solutions providing such changes.