For Investors

The overriding goal of Netrix Ventures is to protect capital and increase the value of assets by investing in scalable companies based on proprietary technologies, based on daily cooperation with portfolio companies and sharing our global resources.

Investors in the funds managed by Netrix Ventures are also companies from GK Netrix, which means that the results achieved by the funds we manage have a significant impact on the results of the entire capital group. Depending on the fund, the share of GK Netrix and the management team varies from 8% – 24% of capitalization with a market standard of 2-3%.

The total value of assets managed by Netrix Ventures (AuM) is approx. PLN 160 million, which makes us one of the largest and most active investors on the Venture Capital market in Poland.

An important advantage of Netrix Ventures is the fact that it belongs to a capital group that has been dealing with R&D, IT, consulting and financing of enterprises for over a decade and has extensive relations in the technological, scientific and financial world, which in combination with the hands-on model approach causes that the financial commitment is only one of the many benefits of cooperation with Netrix Ventures.

Nextrix Ventures works with portfolio companies on an ongoing basis, which enables support in building value and, at the same time, eliminates information asymmetries and in a natural – partnership way increases ownership supervision. In addition to the investment itself, portfolio companies receive support from the entire Netrix Group in:

optimization of management and operational processes;

in obtaining financing (capital and public funds);

acquisition support;

growth through support in corporate finance, business development

Market environment

the largest economy in the CEE region

an attractive country for investments

low valuations with a simultaneous high level of human capital, especially in the field of information technology

large allocation of EU funds to support innovative enterprises – additional leverage of investments

financing gap “growth Capital”


  • risk reduction by leveraging investments with public funds (30% private investors: 70% Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego);
  • low management fee not exceeding 2% p.a .;
  • planned exit with a multiplier of 3.5 (IRR ~ 20%);
  • income tax exemption at the ZASI / ASI level;
  • the possibility of active involvement in the activities of the fund (place in the Investment Committee) and portfolio companies (place in Supervisory Boards);
  • market and technological insight as an added value for the investor’s core business;
  • diversification of the investment portfolio;
  • the possibility of active involvement in the development of selected portfolio companies;
  • innovation screening can be used in the current business;
  • access to the single market of the European Union (a big advantage for entrepreneurs from outside the EU)