Bridge Alfa

A wide team of specialists in various fields is responsible for the management and service of funds:

Tomasz Małecki

Investment Director of Netrix Ventures ASI Bridge Alfa Fund

Andrzej Tymecki

Innovation and R&D expert of the Netrix Ventures ASI Bridge Alfa Fund

Hubert Lewiński

Project manager & Expert in IP protection and technology transfer of Netrix Ventures ASI Bridge Alfa Fund

Tomasz Rymarczyk

Deputy Project Manager & R&D Expert of Netrix Ventures ASI Bridge Alfa Fund

Netrix Ventures Bridge Alfa investment areas

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

solutions for the development of such areas as:
electronics, microsystems, networks, robotics, data processing and human-machine interfaces

Telecommunications, photonics

solutions for the development of photovoltaics,
fiber optic technologies, optoelectronics, telecommunications systems

The fund invests in research and development projects aimed at implementing product or process innovation. The key factor in selecting investment projects is that the project has a strong and unique IP. We invest in projects that will pass the due diligence analysis positively, and their valuations will oscillate around the value of PLN 4-5 million.

Netrix Ventures sees its role not only in financing investment projects, but also in supporting cooperation between science and business, and the originators of R&D projects. The fund will also play an expert and mentor role for projects in the preseed phase thanks to its experience and know-how.

Our goal is to promote the mechanism of “market-pull” (market-pull innovations), i.e. creating innovations based on the real demand reported by the market. The opposite of this mechanism is the “technology-push” mechanism, which consists in targeting interesting theoretical and technological problems for which the commercialization path is sought in the next phase.

Are you looking for an investor?

Send the pitch deck as a ppt / pdf presentation to

When we are interested, we will send you the form and financial model for completion.

What we offer?


Business Development


EU funds for development

How do we choose Startups?

1. Comprehensive target market

2. Strong IP (intellectual property)

3. Technology that creates added value

4. A durable and convincing business model

5. A clear path for introducing the product / process to the market

6. Clear divestment opportunities

7. Experienced project team

8. The chances of the project to obtain external funds for further development

Investment process

Detailed analysis of the project (including development of business documentation, mid-term selection).

Conducting due diligence (financial, technological and legal) and proposing an investment agreement (Term Sheet).

Presentation to the Investment Committee and the investment decision to conclude the Investment and Grant Agreement.

Recapitalization of the company (acquisition of shares).

The Netrix Ventures Bridge Alfa fund was established under the agreement of December 21, 2018 between Netrix Ventures Sp. z o.o. and the National Center for Research and Development for the implementation of the grant project POIR.01.03.01-00-0030 / 17 “Support for R&D projects in the preseed phase by creating the investment fund” Netrix Ventures “.