Netrix Ventures with a new modern office in Gdańsk

We are growing strong, and have a new branch in Pomerania Region!

GDAŃSK, POLAND. We are pleased to announce that the Netrix Ventures office in Gdańsk is already operational. So now we can invite you to visit! Our branch is located at ul. Jacek Opata Rybińskiego 19/5.

The opening of a modern and beautiful Netrix Ventures office in Pomerania Region does not mean that we are only now starting our operations in this charming place of Poland. – We have been intensively developing so-called Pomorskie Funds, active mainly in the maritime industry, transport and logistics, IoT, environmental protection and the medical industry segment – emphasizes PawełRymarczyk, CEO of Netrix Ventures. – Gdańsk was, and still is very close to us, and the recent launch of our new office means even more intensive cooperation for us and our clients, so that we can achieve further success on the VC market – adds the Head of Netrix.

In our brand new branch in Pomerania, photos of which we are proud to present, we will be able to meet directly with our current and potential business partners. – We invite everyone who has good ideas for businesses, and which ideas could be transformed together into concrete solutions and products – says Paweł Rymarczyk. – Our office is open to everyone, and our team’s experts work perfectly with all partners whom we help in making their business dreams come true – encourages the President of Netrix Ventures.

So don’t hesitate any minute and visit us today! Address details of our branch in Gdańsk (open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00):

Ul. Jacka Opata Rybińskiego 19/5

Tel: +48 81 463 60 70




Netrix Ventures zarządza obecnie pięcioma funduszami inwestycyjnymi o łącznej kapitalizacji ponad 220 mln zł, w tym dwoma funduszami o zasięgu regionalnym, działającymi w województwie pomorskim. Misją NVC jest inwestowanie w prekursorskie projekty technologiczne, które przyczyniają się do rozwoju polskiej myśli technicznej, a także dzięki swej innowacyjności mogą być zyskownie sprzedawane. Aktywność NVC pokrywa etapy od pre-seed do fazy wczesnego wzrostu, zapewniając finansowanie projektom z takich dziedzin, jak technologie telekomunikacyjne, informatyczne, fotoniczne, OZE, medyczne, biotechnologiczne oraz stosowane w przemyśle morskim.


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