Netrix Ventures: the leader of the VC sector in Poland

According to the latest annual report summarizing the activity of funds investing in start-ups in countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), Netrix Ventures is one of the leaders of the largest market for investment in new businesses in this part of European continent. This market is, of course, Poland, where the value of expenditure on the start-up sector in 2020 rocketed an impressive amount of EUR 430 million. It was higher than in all other CEE countries combined. A detailed summary of the past year in the VC sector was prepared by the industry platform Vestbee.com, and the presence of Netrix Ventures among the most active funds investing for newly established businesses is a great distinction for us, and a sign of the quality of our work.

The entire report is available here: VC Funding In CEE Report – 2020 (vestbee.com)