Netrix Ventures and WAB help new businesses get funding in millions of PLN

“Demo Day” at the Puławy Science and Technology Park

Already over PLN 32 million in EU grants to start their business have been received by companies operating within the Eastern Business Accelerator (WAB), whose partner is Netrix Ventures. On Thursday, February 25 this year, there was a “Demo Day”, an interactive conference combined with the presentation of new start-ups at the Puławy Science and Technology Park (PPN-T). It was another edition of this event, carried out as part of the activities of WAB.

The conference featured, among others, entrepreneurs, as well as representatives of the City and Voivodeship Authorities, unanimously praising the achievements of the PPN-T so far. The talks emphasized the enormous hopes associated with the Park in context of development of Lubelskie region economy, as well as implementation of regional innovation strategy, based on, inter alia, on businesses offering high-quality healthy food and innovative technological solutions. Already several dozen of more than 1,600 business projects presented have received aid in the form of co-financing, which makes the Eastern Business Accelerator one of the most effective places for the development of start-ups in Poland.

New companies entering the incubation process in WAB can count on assistance in the amount of appx. PLN 70k in form of services such as accounting, training, rental of office space, as well as for support of specialists services, necessary to create so-called MVP, Minimum Viable Product, i.e. a product, service or offer with a minimum number of functions allowing to be introduced to the market.

Eastern Business Accelerator is financed under the EU Operational Program Eastern Poland for 2014-2020, and the main goal is to support entrepreneurs, so their business ideas turn into concrete, innovative products. The platform is managed by the Puławy Science and Technology Park.

Entrepreneurs who would like to obtain information about the possibilities of getting business support, please contact Netrix Ventures. Just click on the link: CONTACT

Report from the event to be found in PANORAMA