Veriori – Digital Security Expert – In Netrix Ventures Wallet!

Veriori – a producer of solutions for securing and verifying the authenticity of products, brand protection and supply chain control – will join the group of NVC portfolio companies.

Veriori SA has developed and produced a set of technologies related to product and data protection, which combine in a user-friendly form digital security with unique physical marking of objects.

The innovative technology enables discreet marking of any 2D codes, giving them an additional layer of data. Integrated with the production management system or operating as a standalone solution, the system generates cryptographically secured 2D codes and NFC tags to individually tag each product unit that records data using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

The company’s profile fits perfectly into the fund’s investment interests, responding to the challenges of the modern world, among others, by securing remote document flow procedures or confirming the authenticity of drugs and medical equipment.

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