Igologic sp. z o.o.


Igologic is developing a platform for standardizing the KYC process, i.e. a mandatory customer verification procedure to which all financial institutions are obliged to perform. This procedure is used to counteract financing of terrorism (CFT) and against money laundering (AML).

To date, there is no unified customer verification mechanism that would allow the verification of customers in terms of the possibility of use of financial assets from undisclosed sources or related to the financing of terrorism. Today such verification is carried out manually and is based on the internal procedures of each institution.

In response to abovementioned problem, a platform is being developed to standardize and automate the verification process with ease of integration with financial institution systems.

The implementation of the KYC system will solve several problems existing on the financial services market, including reducing the costs and time of KYC verification and will therefore contribute to greater security of financial transactions.

Tablo Technologies sp. z o.o.


Tablo Technologies is a startup that develops a smart exchange of doctors’ appointment hours.

As of today, large part of healthcare facilities already have management systems to run doctor appointment calendars. Visits are arranged via the Internet, by phone or in person and information about it is stored in the database. There are both traditional and cloud solutions – the best-known of the latter is znanylekarz.pl.

However, none of them resolved the key problem, which arisen along with facilitating access to visits – when the patient makes an appointment and he does not arrive or cancels visit in a short notice, he prevents others to use this appointment time and brings down doctors pay.

In response to abovementioned challenge Tablo Technologies has been created. This startup develops a solution that allows the use of appointment hours freed in real time, allowing medical professionals to optimize their calendars. The other, social, impact is that this solution can help with reducing the waiting time for an appointment with doctors. Tablo Technologies will be available to doctors and patients in 2020.

Django Wizards sp. z o.o.


The purpose of the existence of Django Wizards is to accelerate the digitization of healthcare in Poland. The company’s vision is to transform the process of designing medical services from assumptions based design and relying on historical data to design based on actual, real-time data.

As a result, the company intends to design medical services better tailored to the needs of patients, and reduce the cost of providing them, which will affect both the availability and quality of medical services.

At the moment, medical services are mostly designed based on declarative or historical data. This means that the data is often not accurate and the service does not fully meet the needs of its users.

Django Wizards will collect data from consumers, potential clients of medical services using various channels and on the basis of this data, will be designing innovative medical services based on information technology.

JVT sp. z o.o.


The purpose of the company is to provide, create a prototype and then introduce to mass production of a device for non-invasive determination of the biotribological parameters of bio-synovial joints in vivo through sound waves.

Thanks to this device, the physician will be able to obtain information on the ratio of the mixed to liquid friction occurring in the joint, and on this basis to identify the presence of disease processes before they are revealed by X-ray or MRI.

In the case of joint diseases, the speed of diagnosis is crucial for the prevention of the development of diseases such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or patellar chondromalacia. The device designed by this company will allow to detect disease processes from several weeks to several months earlier than it is possible with current technology.

These devices will be available for sale and in the form of rental for doctors, physiotherapists and professionals involved in the design and manufacture of joint implants.

Verticum sp. z o.o.


Trends in medical services in connection with the development of telemedicine technologies definitely aim to disconnect the possibility of providing a given service from the necessity of meeting a patient with a doctor. The same trends can be observed in the area of fitness, ie. If the exercise does not require the use of specialized equipment available at the gym, why not perform them in a convenient place for practicing?

Responding to the above challenges, Verticum intends to design, implement for production and start distributing a solution that allows remote monitoring of the results of both patients and people exercising to help in rehabilitation and exercise respectively. The solution will be wearable technology, which will have a set of sensors monitoring the patient / sportsman and transferring data to the doctor or trainer.

Kidzeyes sp. z o.o.


The aim of the project is to provide a solution that will increase the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment of astigmatism, especially in children. The basic technique for the diagnosis of astigmatism is the optician’s use of a set of lenses on patient and obtaining information from the patient in which he sees better and in which sight is more blurred.

This method, which has been used since the beginning of astigmatism treatment, is fraught with a basic disadvantage – it is based on the subjective feelings of the subject and not on the actual data in terms of visual acuity. This problem is magnified when the patient is a child who can not often decide in which lenses he sees better.

The tool designed by Kidzeyes will allow, using a carefully selected beam of light, to measure the actual visual acuity with the use of lenses, which will allow the doctor to objectively select the best lenses for the patient.

Thanks to the introduction of the Kidzeyes solution to the ophthalmic salons, the efficiency of astigmatism treatment will be significantly increased and the number of complaints related to the incorrectly selected lenses will be reduced.

In progress…